about pelin

Hello! I'm Pelin, and I'm here to help end that toxic relationship—with harmful household chemicals that is. 


While I never intended on becoming a toxins expert, I found myself struggling with severe fatigue, depression, anxiety and digestive issues after the birth of my two children. Despite my already-healthy and active lifestyle (I was a yoga teacher who ate organic and meditated daily, for goodness sakes!), my mental and physical health took a nosedive and I simply couldn't figure out why.


In search of answers I spent the next several years seeking out medical doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, gastroenterologists, Ayurvedic practitioners, psychiatrists, shamans and energy healers. I tried everything, yet I saw little to no improvement. 


Frustrated and running out of hope, one day I came across a video of Dr. Mindy Pelz on my social media feed, and her approach to heavy metal toxicity changed the trajectory of my health—and career—forever. 


I discovered that toxins, specifically high heavy metals, mold exposure and dental infections, were the likely source of my symptoms. In the process of healing and detoxing my body (which is a story in an of itself!), I decided to take a closer look at potential sources of toxin exposure in my own home. 


I was shocked to find how pervasive toxins were in my everyday household products and foods, as well as how little I knew about the toxins that were finding their way into my body and contributing to my feeling so “off” and unlike myself. 


So I overhauled my family’s household products (much to their dismay), replacing our long-time favorite shampoos, laundry detergents, cookware and cleaning solutions with less-toxic options. I became conscious of the pesticides and toxins in our food and drinking water, as well as our mattresses, clothing and furniture.


Every step I took led me deeper into the intricacies of toxins—and the realization that toxic exposures are one of the most overlooked sources of health issues today. 


The experience was so impactful on my health and the health of my husband and two children, that I took an Environmental Toxins Certificate Course and turned to educating others how to create a healthier, less toxic and more natural home environment.